• When the Shadowfell realigned with Faerun during the Spellplague in 1385 DR, the Shadovar returned to Faerun and reestablished the Netherese Empire. Though not as wondrous as its original form, Netheril has quickly become perhaps the foremost imperial power on Faerun, extending its influence to the east and south by utilizing its floating fortress cities and the military intelligence gathered by the clandestine Church of Shar.


  • Netheril thrives within its borders. The Anauroch Desert has begun to recede in recent years as Netherese magic continues to dispel the ancient enchantments of the Phaerimm. In the remaining desert regions, the native Bedine peoples have largely been converted to the Church of Shar.
  • The Netherese capital is the Shade Enclave, suspended above the Scimitar Spires.
  • Another Netherese flying fortress is rumored to exist.


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